1989 Toyota Supra

Supra Picture This is an old picture of my Supra. It's undergone a few changes since this was taken, but I still like the picture, so I'm leaving it up.

The car left the factory in Japan with a 2954cc inline 6 cylinder engine boasting 200 bhp and 190 ft-lbs torque. Well, that engine took the car over 450,000 kms before I finally retired it in favor of another engine.

The curent engine in the car is a related engine, still with the same 2954 cc displacement, but came equipped with a turbocharger and produced 230 bhp and 245 ft-lbs of torque from the factory at 6 PSI of positive manifold pressure.

Naturally, I'm not going to leave that alone, so it currently sports a bit more boost, as well as some other supporting modifications to allow it to have a bit more power!

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